Founded in October 2012, We were first established as the Coachella Valley Transgender Community in 2012, hosting a Trans Support Group at the original LGBT Community Center of the Desert, as well as once a month get together under the name Trans Palm Springs. In 2014, we renamed our organization to Trans* Community Project, where we continued our monthly get together’s, as well as hosting both the International Transgender Day Of Visibility, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia, and our weekly Candlelight Vigils for our fallen Trans Sisters & Brothers. In 2016, we removed the asterisk and simply became, Trans Community Project under current leadership. We have since expanded our services worldwide upon acquisition of Trans Role Models, helping people out in places outside of the Coachella Valley, to get resources and help on Trans Services. We have signed on with local organizations to create the East Coachella Valley Pride celebrations. Recently, we had teamed up with Soteria and Goldenvoice in Los Angeles, as well as local organizations to create the Every One Initiative, bringing safety and inclusion to both Coachella & Stage Coach, by educating festival staff on Trans & Queer Issues.

Mattie Leyden, Laura Meeks & George Zander
Executive Director: Paulina Angel

About Trans Community Project